Multilingual Poetry Competition 2020

The Multilingual Poetry competition comes back to the South Ken Kids Festival for its fourth year running! Due to the current Covid-19 situation and considering that the guidelines can and will probably evolve until mid-November, we have decided to run a digital competition: a creative writing and spoken word experience with performance poet and MFL teacher, Michaël Vidon.

Students work individually or in groups to produce multilingual poems to be shared with the wider school community or online.

This year, our theme will be: Turn walls into doors: Embrasse le futur.

This project aims to improve confidence in writing and speaking English and any other languages spoken at home or studied at school.


    – English (Standard and otherwise)
    – MFL languages studied at school (facilitators will be specialised in French)
    – Any other home and community languages

How We Will Do It Online

    1 Schools need to fill in the consultation form given below so we can best tailor the project to the current needs. Fill in the form

    2 We’ll offer some digital resources and video tutorials on the South Ken Kids Festival website (coming soon)

    3 Creative online workshops run by Michaël Vidon, available on fee £150 per workshop

    4 Grand Finale: Awards will be given to poets recognising a range of skills: Best Use of Languages, Best Imagery, Best Comedy and more. This will be either a display on the website, a video or an online live event depending on school requirements.

We understand schools have to work in very different ways. So, to make this project practical, accessible, and fair for all students involved, please complete the form given above. It is a quick consultation to tailor the project to the current school needs so we can decide what will be realistic to put forward.

Contact for any questions.